3 Days in Stockholm: Our Itinerary

3 Days in Stockholm

Experience History, Architecture & Water Adventures

Experience Stockholm’s charm in a 3-day tour! Discover historic Viking sites, iconic architecture, and see the city from a water-filled perspective.

Is 3 days in Stockholm enough to really explore and experience this amazing destination? —it’s not called “The Venice of the North” for nothing. Explore Stockholm’s Viking runes, museums, and archipelago canals, and do it all in 3 days.

Stockholm, the pulse of Sweden, promises a fascinating blend of historical wonder, cultural abundance, and unique water adventures.

Over the course of three days, immerse yourself in the rhythms of this lively city, appreciating so much from its architectural grandeur to the picturesque beauty of its waterways.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable Scandinavian adventure?

Day 1: Architecture, Culture, and Local Cuisine

Start your Stockholm journey with a comprehensive Unique Walking Tour that captures the essence of the city’s top attractions. This exploration ensures you get all the city’s must-see highlights, spanning historical landmarks to architectural feats, all complemented with savory cuisine at local restaurants.

*Alcohol not included, but you’re welcome to purchase some!

Book a Unique Walking Tour

Your All-In Stockholm Adventure:

Vasa MuseumStep back in time with a guided tour of the 16th Century warship, the Vasa. Perfectly preserved, your guide will narrate the tragic tale of this majestic war galleon. A flavorful lunch at the museum’s quality restaurant is included. No experience is complete without trying the food!

(1 hour)

Drottningholm PalaceUnveil the secrets of the official residence of the Swedish Royals, a UNESCO heritage site, and its unique 17th-century theatre on this guided tour.

(1 hour)

Drottningholm Baroque GardenTraverse through the 17th-century park, another UNESCO heritage site renowned for its symmetrical designs combined with nature. This captivating garden promises a visual feast, regardless of the season.

(30 minutes)

RiddarholmenDelve into the Knights’ Island, home to the Riddarholmskyrkan Abbey, the royal burial mausoleum, and the statue of Birger Jarl, Stockholm’s founder. Absorb panoramic vistas of the bay Riddarfjärden.

(15 minutes)

The Royal PalaceNavigate the Three Crowns, Europe’s largest and best-preserved castle and official residence of The King. The Royal Palace of Stockholm amalgamates a royal residence, workplace, and culture-historical monument, standing unique amongst Europe’s royal residences.

(1 hour)

Did you know?

That the Swedish Viking king, Olof Skötkonung, who ruled in the early 11th century, was the first Swedish king to be baptized as a Christian? His conversion marked a significant shift in Swedish history, bridging the country’s Viking past with its Christian future.

StortorgetVisit the Great Square in Old Town, a historical nexus for significant events. Have a nice coffee break to experience a typical Swedish Fika.

*Interesting Fact: Fika, more than just a “coffee and cake break” in Sweden, embodies a cherished cultural concept. It’s a state of mind and an attitude that goes beyond a mere snack. For many Swedes, making time for fika daily is nearly essential, transforming a simple break into a rich social tradition.

(45 minutes)

Stockholm Old TownWander through the medieval old town, “Gamla Stan,” exploring significant landmarks like the Stockholm Cathedral (exterior) as your guide elucidates Stockholm’s intriguing history.

(30 minutes)

Historiska MuseetAlternatively, traverse through the annals of Swedish history, from the Stone Age to modern times, and voyage through the Viking period at the Museum of Swedish History.

Still want more? Then check out the Royal Treasury!

Royal Treasury (Skattkammaren)Nestled in the dark cellar vaults of the Royal Palace, the Royal Treasury guards the Monarchy’s most vital symbol—the Regalia. Visitors can view several crowns of Princes and Princesses, and the silver baptismal font from 1696, still utilized in royal baptisms. These invaluable objects, collectively acknowledged as the King’s regalia, offer a unique window into Sweden’s rich royal legacy.

(1 hour)

For Those Who Still Have Energy for the Nightlife

Stroll through the bustling city streets after dark, stopping at various hot spots where refreshing drinks await. Uncover the local nightlife and history at your own pace at some of Stockholm’s trendiest locations.

Experience the city’s allure in a whole new light.

  • Södermalm: Start with drinks in the micro-breweries and concept bars of Södermalm. Södermalm, a bustling Stockholm district, is brimming with historic beer cafés and award-winning cocktail bars.
  • Visit the hidden bars of Stockholm: Visit a hidden cocktail bar or stylish rooftop to enjoy another drink in the city center. The charm of a low-key drinking establishment is like slipping into a well-loved shoe.

What better way than with a local?

Private guided tours with a local are available. Don’t miss out on the best spots tailored to your interest and style.

Explore Stockholm By Night

Day 2: An Aquatic Adventure through Stockholm’s Waterways and Archipelago

Embark on an aquatic adventure on Day 2 of your Stockholm journey, exploring the city’s stunning waterways and archipelago. From kayaking amidst iconic landmarks to cruising beneath majestic bridges and accelerating across the vibrant archipelago on a thrilling RIB Speed Boat.

City Kayak Tour: In the morning, gear up for a stunning City Kayak Tour. This aquatic adventure lets you experience Stockholm’s iconic landmarks from a fresh vantage point. Highlights include the iconic Stockholm City Hall, the vibrant district of Södermalm, the historical Riddarholmen Church, and the serene islands of Långholmen and Reimersholme.

(2 hours)

Bridges Sightseeing Cruise: Rest up and cruise in style with a captain at your service. Start your afternoon aboard an enchanting Bridges Sightseeing Cruise. This aquatic journey takes you under all 15 bridges that connect the city’s central islands, providing picturesque vistas of Gamla Stan (Old Town), Djurgården, and other captivating islands. This water-based exploration offers a unique perspective on Stockholm’s beauty and heritage.

(2 hours and 15 minutes)

RIB Speed Boat – Stockholm Archipelago Tour: Now it’s time to pick up the pace and get your adrenaline pumping. Culminate your day with a thrilling RIB Speed Boat Tour across Stockholm’s archipelago, a vibrant hub of local life and charming summer houses. Depart from central Stockholm, gliding past notable sites like the Vasa Museum and Gröna Lund amusement park.

*Hold Fast: Speeds pick up to 42 knots (78 km/h)!

(About 2 hours)

Have you worked up an appetite? Because it’s time to eat!

It’s time to go on a gastro-tour! You must be hungry after all that water fun… Stockholm provides a comprehensive taste of Swedish cuisine, exploring traditional flavors and local delicacies. Indulge in local seafood, handcrafted cheeses, cured meats such as reindeer and elk, and savor a unique blend of hot chocolate with cardamom, among other delicious treats.


  • Savor a diverse array of authentic Swedish food and beverages
  • Discover Stockholm’s oldest traditional food hall
  • Benefit from the intimate and personalized feel of a small group
  • Experience a traditional Swedish mid-afternoon fika (coffee break)

Check out The Nordic Food Walk Stockholm Tour

Why do they call Stockholm the Venice of the North?

Did you know that Stockholm is often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’? This stunning city is encompassed by over 24,000 small rocky islands, forming an extensive archipelago. Consisting of fourteen main islands situated between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea, Stockholm’s unique geography has inspired this intriguing nickname.

Day 3: Tracing Viking Roots and A Peaceful Cruise to Reflect

The final day of your Stockholm adventure commences with a Viking History Small Group Tour.

This exploration provides insights into the Vendel Swedes, precursors to the Vikings, and includes visits to historical landmarks, including the Vada burial mounds, Jarlabanke’s bridge, Vallentuna Church, and Sigtuna, Sweden’s oldest city.

(4 hours)

In the afternoon, embark on an Open Electric Boat Ride. This eco-friendly electric boat tour offers panoramic views of famous Stockholm sights such as the Vasa Museum, the place where the Vasa ship sank, and the Gröna Lund Tivoli.

(50 minutes)

As dusk descends, give in to the pulsating rhythm of Stockholm’s nightlife. Sample innovative cuisine, taste local brews, and immerse yourself in Stockholm’s unique blend of history, modernity, and cultural richness.

Here are some of Stockholm’s best restaurants!

(2-3 hours)

Want to get more out of your trip?

Discover the beauty of Stockholm with an all-inclusive digital pass, valid for 1 to 5 days, giving you access to over 50 handpicked attractions, museums, historical sites, and boat tours.

Simply choose your desired duration, download the pass to your mobile device, and browse the digital guide for opening times and access instructions.

Enjoy the convenience of presenting your pass for easy entry to each attraction or tour, and make the most of your Stockholm adventure!

Stockholm: Go City All-Inclusive Pass with 50+ Attractions

Spend 3 days in Stockholm prior to a Baltic Cruise.

Plan a short stay in Stockholm as a jump off point prior to taking an amazing cruise through the Baltic Sea to visit other iconic Scandinavian cities. You won’t regret having the extra days in port to get adjusted to the time change and explore a little bit on your own prior to embarking on your cruise journey.

Viking offers their signature Viking Homelands cruise which originates in Stockholm, but you will also find amazing cruises with Oceana and Silversea, as well as some shorter, more affordable options with MSC. Explore the list of cruises departing from Stockholm.

What to See and Do in Stockholm?

Nestled across 14 islands connected by 57 bridges, this vibrant city seamlessly combines rich cultural heritage with contemporary allure. There is no shortage of intriguing points of interest and things to see and do in Stockholm, making it an ideal destination for every type of traveler. Review our article on the best things to see and do in this amazing Nordic capital city.

You Won’t Forget Your Stay in Stockholm

This three-day Stockholm voyage promises a harmonious blend of history, natural beauty, and thrilling water adventures, culminating in an unforgettable trip to the heart of Sweden.

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