About Us

About Us tenminutetravelbreak

This is Mark and my wife Svetlana, and welcome to our little corner of the digital universe.

We have lived overseas and traveled around Europe and Asia for over 10 years. Since coming to the United States in 2008, we’ve had an opportunity to visit some destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. In recent years, I have worked as a travel agent, specializing in high end ocean cruises, expeditions, river cruises and resorts.

Since that time, I have discovered new interests, in particular real estate investing and option trading, as well as a number of digital projects online.

Ten Minute Travel Break is just one of several digital content marketing project that I am currently developing.

Our Trips and Travels

Many of our best trips were long ago (and may still yet to come), so the photo quality is not what we have come to expect today, but we like to share what we can.

What We Do

Ten Minute Travel Break does not sell travel services, but we do recommend them. What revenue we do earn is generated from affiliate links and advertisings – maybe we’ll sell some t-shirts at some point.

I am not booking travel for anybody other than myself, however I can recommend some highly competent friends that are still dedicated to working in that space – just reach out.

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