Day Trips from Barcelona by Train

Day Trips from Barcelona by train

Discover the world of wonder around Barcelona by rail. Not only is it dazzling with both its Gaudi architecture and busy streets, Barcelona also acts as a key to an everlasting treasure of exciting adventures. Take part with us as we venture beyond the city limits, and discover for yourself a wealth of areas that can be conveniently reached by train.

Detailing the most beautiful day trips possible starting from any of Catalonia’s metropolises, and bringing together its historic landmarks, natural treasures and picturesque coastal towns all within easy reach by rail; this article will show you what there is to see on the tracks.

So here are several suggestions for day trip destinations from Barcelona by train. We think you will find these to be an exciting series of outings you’ll never forget.

Planning Your Day Trip

If you are planning a day trip, there are a few key factors to consider. Understanding the different trains and their schedules is important in having a smooth journey. Whether it’s fast high-speed trains or slow regional lines, you will also want to do your homework so that the most suitable arrangements can be made for your visit.

Looking at ticket deals and travel passes can be a great way to save time and money. Most railroad companies also offer various kinds of tickets, such as single journey tickets, day passes or even multi-day passes. It depends on your itinerary and the frequency of trips. Furthermore, some travel passes give you other advantages-discounts to some sites or free entry into others.

When planning your day trip, however, you should also consider any travel restrictions or regulations that exist. Examples include designating special time periods for visiting certain locations, or the number of visitors allowed. If you want to be sure, look at official websites or call local tourism offices.

Finally, don’t forget the essentials for an easy and pleasant day trip. It might include snacks, water bottles, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun’s rays; or if you want even more beautiful mementos of your trip along the way, don’t forget to bring a camera. Given the weather forecast and any special needs for places you’ll be visiting, carry everything you need.

Taking these into account and making preparations, you can make the most out of your day trip without unnecessary hassle to make it an even more rewarding experience.

Scenic Routes

Add some magic to your day trip from Barcelona with scenic routes. On your train ride, never fail to appreciate the beauty you see through the window. However, be aware that the best times for stunning views may vary with the route and season. With the help of local experts or the Internet, you can learn what season and when it is most spectacular.

Taking advantage of your trip with some insider tips. First, grab a decent camera or smartphone to photograph the scenery. Shoot at different angles and compositions to try and capture the spirit of each breathtaking view. Moreover, timing is everything in photography. Golden hours are the hours around sunrise and sunset which usually provide the most beautiful light for taking dramatic photographs.

Day Trip Destinations

Take a train trip out of Barcelona, and open the door to all kinds of fascinating destinations.


On the mystical mountain of Montserrat, an hour away from Barcelona. The trip itself is panoramic, when the serrations of the mountain range loom into view. On the Montserrat Rack Railway visitors can ascend in style, and both railway and Aeri Cable Car provide excellent views of the scenery along the way.

The major attraction is the majestic Benedictine monastery, Santa Maria de Montserrat, whose site offers breathtaking panoramic views and invites people inside to visit the magnificent basilica or see the revered statue of the Black Madonna, patron saint of Catalonia. A museum in the monastery houses works by Dali, Picasso and El Greco, among other artists.

With an extensive network of hiking and scenic trails that crisscross the surrounding mountains, adventurers can enjoy sight-seeing and taking in striking panoramic views of the valley below, intriguing rock formations, or even cascading waterfalls.

Yet there are many other treasures hidden within the monastery beyond. One weekday at 1 pm they hold what’s known as a Montserrat Boys ‘Choir Concert in the Basilica where beautiful angelic voices serenade members of the audience. For foodies, there is a taste of Montserrat’s cheeses and vermouths; for culture fans the museum at the peak preserves music dating from 1492 (the earliest recorded in Europe).

From Sant Jeroni, the highest peak on the mountain, photography buffs can photographically capture those memorable sceneries of sunrise or sunset. In winter, there’s the Christmas Fair with traditional Catalan crafts; and July is home to the Montserrat International Music Festival (a riot of musical performances).

Whether you are a spiritual seeker, lover of natural beauty or adventure enthusiast, Montserrat is a place that offers fulfilling day trip spots.


25 kilometers from the charming coastal town of Sitges, which is just a forty minute train ride from Barcelona makes for a lovely day trip. Sitges, with its relaxed atmosphere and splendid beaches, offer world travelers a place to relax and explore on their own terms.

Sitges is particularly noted for its charming historic district, with narrow streets and quaint architecture. Stepping into the twisting alleys, one can find treasures at every turn. Its still-intact buildings and cultural sites give you a glimpse into its past.

Art lovers will enjoy seeing the Catalan art collection at the Maricel Museum. The exhibits range from classical pieces to contemporary works and give a compelling glimpse into the area’s artistic heritage.

Then, go to the town’s seaside restaurants for local cuisine. The choice of cuisines is as wide as Sitges itself, whether it’s fresh seafood dishes or traditional Catalan cuisine.

Sitges is noted for its lovely sandy beaches, where visitors can lounge and enjoy the sun. The soft sands of Sitges are the ideal place for sunbathing on a beach towel, walking barefoot in the translucent waters or diving into deep clear blue Mediterranean waves.

Photography Tips

There are also plenty of chances for photography lovers to capture amazing moments in Sitges. Take a stroll on the lovely promenade, which is called Paseo Marítimo, to see the coastline of the town. A great view of Sitges can be had from the hilltop vantage point of La Punta. You can take in the splendid beauty of the town and its environs from there.

Hidden Gems and Seasonal Considerations

Seasonal events and festivals as well as provide extra excitement in your visit to Sitges. This lively town’s activities include the Carnival celebration in February and the Sitges Film Festival in October. These cultural experiences offer a rare insight into local traditions and give witness to the vitality of Sitges.


History buffs and Game of Thrones fans alike will be entertained by a captivating day trip at Girona, a medieval wonderland just an hour and a half from Barcelona by train. The wonderfully preserved Old Town with its cobbled streets and historic atmosphere transports visitors into the past.

Among the filming locations in the city that will delight fans of this popular TV series, they will also add a special sense of intrigue to a visitor’s exploration. There is no lack of fascinating places to visit from the Cathedral of Girona down to the twisting alleys of the Jewish Quarter.

Cultural and Culinary Exploration

Girona’s food scene is no less tempting, with wending cafes and dives serving up local specialties. From traditional Catalan dishes to cutting-edge fusion cuisine, there is something for everyone. Fenouillet’s notorious ‘xuixo’ pastry, or the savory ‘civet de porc’, a slow-cooked pork stew, are both local specialties not to be missed.

Girona’s main attractions are well known, but there are treasures just waiting to be discovered. Go beyond the main tourist areas and discover quiet neighborhoods with hidden squares, boutique shops and local markets. These out-of-the-way places offer a more genuine experience and an opportunity to mingle with the congenial locals.

Photography Tips

Girona is a paradise for lovers of photography. The city’s charming bridges, including the famous Eiffel Bridge, afford fine panoramas. Girona’s rooftops, towers and countryside can be seen from the top of the city walls.

Hidden Gems and Seasonal Considerations

During the year Girona also hosts many cultural events that provide an opportunity to get in contact with local traditions and customs. From the May Temps de Flors flower festival to November’s Girona Film Festival, there’s never a dull moment here.


Head into Roman history and architecture in Tarragona. The city’s key attractions are the Roman amphitheaters, preserved intact and overlooking the dazzling Mediterranean Sea.

Taking a walk through the cobbled streets of Tarragona’s old town is like walking through time to get a feel for what life was like way back when. Here, buildings and structures of the Middle Ages stand next to ruins from ancient Rome, creating a curious mixture of past and present. With its bustling spirit and cultural richness, Tarragona is truly an enchanting place.

Cultural and Culinary Exploration

Even with a day trip to Tarragona, it’s possible to take in the principal attractions. But taking time to slow down and enjoy local cuisine and the coastal atmosphere is recommended. Tarragona’s seafood dishes and Catalan cuisine are noteworthy. If you love to stroll, get lost in these charming streets and locate treasures like family-owned restaurants or intimate cafes where you can enjoy genuine cuisine.

Hidden Gems and Seasonal Considerations

Tarragona holds a number of cultural events and festivals that celebrate its own character. Apart from the Tarraco Viva Festival, which recreates a slice of life in ancient Roman Tarragona, there is always something going on in Tarragona to spice up your visit. For instance there is the Santa Tecla Festival (19-25 September) with its fireworks and parades.

Photography Tips

Tarragona provides many chances for photographers to come up with gorgeous shots. A breathtaking overlook of the ancient amphitheaters against the backdrop of the sea can be seen from climbing up the steep steps of the Mediterranean Balcony. Winding corridors and small squares provide scenic hideaways in the old town’s narrow streets.

Its coastal location lets visitors enjoy the sea breeze and the quieting influence of beaches. Settle in for a relaxing stay on the beaches of sand or enjoy a leisurely stroll along the promenade to feel the coastal atmosphere.


This city’s claim to fame is the Salvador Dali Theatre and Museum, a worthy monument to the renowned surrealist artist. Spend some time to enjoy the museum’s wonderful exhibits of Dali’s masterpieces and inspired installations. The artistic charm of the museum extends to the streets of Figueres, which are dotted with quirky touches. There’s a surrealist twist even to a day trip to Figueres. A visit to the museum of Salvador Dali offers equal parts artistic inspiration and quirky exploration. Take the time to delve into Dali’s delicate details and meander through the magical corners of Figueres.

The Dali Museum is of course the main highlight in Figueres, but there are also hidden treasures waiting to be unearthed. but walk the streets of the city and you might find odd art installations, or small galleries featuring the work of local artists. These unanticipated finds contribute to the dream-like ambience of the city and provide a glimpse of its vital artistic life.

In addition to cultural events and festivals going on throughout the year, Figueres adds its own exciting touch to your visit. Before arrival, consult the local event calendar to see if any seasonal destinations or special exhibitions are available. These events give people the opportunity to experience for themselves local culture and the artistic spirit of the city.

Photography Tips

There are many chances for shutterbugs to take great shots in Figueres. There are indeed many anomalous shots to be taken, from the outrageous architecture of the Dali Museum, to the wayside sculptures that adorn the streets. Look for fun angles, experiment with light and dark and you’ll get cool effects. 

Cultural and Culinary Exploration

Equally intriguing are culinary experiences in Figueres, where a great number of restaurants and cafes serve up delicious Catalan cuisine. Before you take to exploring the art scene, treat yourself to local favorites like crema catalana or pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato). The culinary offerings of Figueres are a delicious accompaniment to the surreal expedition through Dali’s life.

Figueres is a city that inspires and invites imagination. Its rare combination of artistic heritage, eerie atmosphere and hidden treasures make it an extraordinary day trip from Barcelona. Salvador Dali creativity, wandering streets and capturing the vibe.

Taking Trains from Barcelona Sants – FAQs

Remember to check for any updates or changes to the information provided, as transportation services may evolve over time.

How do I get to Barcelona Sants train station?

You can reach Barcelona Sants by metro, bus, taxi, or on foot, depending on your location in the city. The station is well-connected to the public transportation network. See the Rail Europe station guide for Barcelona Sants here.

How early should I arrive at Barcelona Sants before my train departure?

It’s generally recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before the departure time for regional trains and 45-60 minutes for high-speed trains.

What types of trains depart from Barcelona Sants?

Barcelona Sants serves both high-speed trains (AVE and Euromed) and regional trains, providing connections to various destinations within Spain and Europe.

Can I purchase train tickets at Barcelona Sants on the day of travel?

Yes, you can buy tickets at the station, but it’s advisable to purchase them in advance, especially during peak travel times or for high-demand routes.

How can I check train schedules from Barcelona Sants?

You can check train schedules online, at the station, or by using dedicated mobile apps provided by the train companies. The official Renfe website is a reliable source for schedules.

Are there luggage storage facilities at Barcelona Sants?

Yes, Barcelona Sants has luggage storage facilities where you can securely store your bags for a fee. Or store your luggage at any number or locations around Barcelona using Radical Storage.

Is there Wi-Fi available at Barcelona Sants?

Many train stations, including Barcelona Sants, offer free Wi-Fi services. You can connect to the network and access the internet while waiting for your train.

Are there restaurants and shops at Barcelona Sants?

Yes, the station has a variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops where you can purchase food, drinks, and other essentials.

Can I bring my bicycle on the train from Barcelona Sants?

Some trains allow bicycles, but it’s essential to check the specific policies of the train service you are using. High-speed trains may have different rules compared to regional trains.

How can I get assistance for passengers with reduced mobility at Barcelona Sants?

Barcelona Sants is equipped to assist passengers with reduced mobility. You can request assistance in advance or ask for help at the information desk upon arrival (must be at least 30 minutes in advance). Read more about accessibility at ADIF passenger stations here.

Is there a hotel right in the station at Barcelona Sants?

Hotel Barcelo Sants is immediately connected to the Barcelona Sants train station. There are a number of reputable convenient hotels in the immediate area – read more about great hotels in Barcelona for train travelers.


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