Landmarks in Rome

Landmarks in Rome

Discover these Spectacular Landmarks in Rome

For most tourists around the world, Rome remains an eternal city. It is one of the few destinations that always has something new to offer tourists. This is why experts have tagged it as a spot combining ancient wonders and rich history. You are missing a lot if you have yet to explore this Italian gem. This is because, apart from the hidden treasures, the landmarks are inspiring in many ways.

The bustling streets can take you back in time. This is because you will find lots of iconic structures. Also, the atmosphere is quite vibrant compared to many other locations worldwide. Let’s not forget its charming neighborhoods that are integral to a lively city.

Are you looking for the best spot or location for an unforgettable adventure? Do you want to visit a place that will leave a lasting impression on your mind? Don’t worry because Rome ticks all of these boxes.

In this article, we will be checking out some of the most spectacular must see landmarks in Rome that you really will not want to miss.  

Have You Heard of the Colosseum?

When it comes to structures that have stood the test of time, offering tourists value over the past centuries, the Colosseum ticks all the boxes. It remains one of Rome’s most famous landmarks, and it is probably the first image that pops into your head when you think of Rome. This is probably why millions of tourists check it out every year. The Roman Colosseum is an ancient Amphitheatre that has existed for around 2000 years.

This means it was built about 70-80 AD. The Colosseum is where it all started if you have watched any of those Roman movies related to gladiator contests. In other words, it was a structure that gladiators used to flex their muscles. Even battles between wild animals took place in this structure. 

The Colosseum remains a symbol of power and grandeur for the Roman Empire. As a tourist, it will give you a perfect glimpse of Rome’s fascinating history. Checking out the place is like having a firsthand experience of an ancient world. It proves how creative the people of Rome have always been. Of course, such intelligence will continue for years to come. 

What About The Roman Forum?

Checking out the Colosseum above is like having the perfect chance to kill two birds with one stone. This is because you can also explore The Roman Forum, which remains one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in the world. It is closer to the Colosseum than you can imagine. 

At a time, this complex was the heart of Rome’s commercial, social, and political activities. It is another historic site that gives you an idea of what the famous Roman Empire was once like. The Forum was once a spot or place where citizens used to discuss politics. 

Apart from that, it was a place for socialization. Are you curious about what has happened in the past? The Roman Forum is the perfect place to discover all the untold facts and secrets. Exploring the ruins of these structures will ensure you get an unimaginable experience. 

And The Vatican City?

You probably have heard of the famous Vatican City all these years but don’t know where it is. Well, you have a chance to visit it in Rome. It is known as the world’s smallest country (49 hectares). 

According to studies in 2019, its population is around 850 people. Don’t underestimate what this city can offer tourists. For instance, it may be very small, but it is the center of all religious landmarks today. There are Vatican museums to visit. 

But that is only part of it, as the Vatican City offers much more to ensure your visit remains unforgettable. The popular Michelangelo’s masterpiece is known to feature frescoes that depict scenes rooted in the bible. Don’t forget to visit St. Peter’s Basilica, a church known as the largest in the world. 

What about checking out the Pope’s official residence – Apostolic Palace? The Vatican remains an attractive destination for millions of visitors annually since it plays a crucial role in religious and cultural affairs. 

Don’t Forget Trevi Fountain

There is no doubting the fact that Trevi Fountain has made lots of headlines over the years. This is because it is seen as an impressive artwork representing the Baroque style. It is indeed a famous landmark in Rome that is worth exploring.

It will always portray Rome as a city of rich history as well as culture. There is a widespread belief that throwing a coin into this fountain can bring you good luck. Also, it will ensure you come back to Rome again in the future. You want to try this out whenever you visit. 

Millions of People (locals and foreigners) have been observing this tradition for years. There is also the belief that tossing a coin into the fountain can make you happily marry or find love there. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that Trevi Fountain is a place to check out and also make a wish. After all, no one knows what the future holds. 

Spanish Steps

Hearing about the Spanish Steps for the first time, you want to imagine they are in Spain. Well, you’re mistaken because Rome is where this historical landmark is located. They were only named after a Spanish embassy nearby in the 18th century.

Due to the iconic nature of the Spanish Steps, millions of people come to check it out yearly. It is a meeting spot where foreigners and locals meet. But what makes these steps worth exploring in your next vacation to Rome? Let’s find out below. 

The steps have been built in a very unique way. They are characterized by a series of terraces that lead you to the top, where there is à dei Monti church. These 135 steps are perfect for climbing during morning periods, especially when trying to shed pounds.

At the top, you will enjoy some stunning views of Rome. For instance, getting to the top lets you see the famous Pantheon, Colosseum, and St. Peter’s Basilica. 

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is another fascinating landmark in Rome that is worth visiting. This is due to its vibrant and bustling square, which has stunning fountains. You will find the work of the popular Gian Lorenzo Bernini – the iconic Fountain. It is truly a masterpiece that represents the world’s four great rivers. These are the Rio de la Plata, Danube, Ganges, and Nile.

Wait, because that isn’t all of it, as this square has much more to offer tourists. For instance, it has lots of fascinating restaurants and cafes. This gives you the rare chance to taste some popular and delicious recipes in Rome. The lively atmosphere is also worth mentioning. There are different street performers and artists to entertain you. 

If you want to feel Rome’s vibrant energy, Piazza Navona is a must-visit location. It doesn’t matter whether you are an art lover, a history buff, or even someone who loves fun activities. This spot ticks all these boxes and even more. 

Villa Borghese Gardens 

Sometimes, vacations aren’t about checking out lively and bustling locations. You can still get the ultimate experience by looking for a spot that offers serenity. If that is the case, there is no need to search because Villa Borghese Gardens is the perfect landmark spot. It provides unmatched tranquillity. There are also various activities as well as attractions for different categories of tourists. 

For instance, the garden has some really stunning views – sparkling fountains, colorful flowers, and lush greenery. Furthermore, there are several museums where you can discover timeless collections of Renaissance art. Tourists can also rent a rowboat for a cruise around the lake. Villa Borghese Gardens is a perfect location in Rome that tourists need to discover and explore. 

Everyone Loves Capitoline Hill 

Capitoline Hill is a location known to be historic and significant in Rome. It isn’t just one of the seven hills that can be found in Rome. Also, it is the home of some crucial buildings/structures – including Capitoline museums, which contain ancient Roman sculptures, paintings, and artefacts. 

However, there is something that sets Capitoline Hill apart. This is the impressive Piazza del Campidoglio on top of the hill, which offers views of the Roman forum that many consider pretty breathtaking. It is possible to view such an ancient site while drinking coffee. 

It doesn’t matter what type of tourist you are because Capitoline Hill will always leave an indelible impression. It offers architecture, art and even historical facts. Never miss this spot on your next trip to Rome. 

Final Thoughts on Spectacular Landmarks In Rome 

Wrapping things up, it is evident that Rome has some timeless spots/locations waiting to be explored. The good part is that you don’t have to rack your brains to find perfect locations that can offer the ultimate experience. Just choose any of the above options to explore for your next vacation. You will be totally blown away by what they can offer. 

Explore Beyond Rome

If time allows there are a number of very compelling destinations nearby that are easily accessible from Rome by train. Rome’s efficient and extensive rail network makes it convenient to embark on enriching day trips to nearby cities and towns. So here is a short list of amazing day trips from Rome by train that you are going to want to explore, if time permits.


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