10 Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

Things To Do In Sharm El Sheikh

You’ll find no shortage of fun things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

Thinking of a dreamy vacation in a city blessed with golden sandy beaches and colorful marine life? Then Sharm El Sheikh is where you should be heading next for some sea, sun, and fun.

Sharm El Sheikh is a beautiful resort town in Egypt located on the southern side of the Sinai Peninsula, right on the coast of the Red Sea. You will find a lot of amazing things to do in Sharm El Sheikh, and this area is home to some world-class, remarkable diving sites. If you are a diving expert, you should definitely visit this amazing resort oasis, but whether you are a diving expert or not, trust me you will not be disappointed – There are still plenty of things to do in Sharm El Sheikh on dry land!

Here are some of the best attractions in Sharm El Sheikh that you shouldn’t miss while vacationing in the city.

Plenty to experience while visiting Sharm El Sheikh

Visit Ras Mohammed National Park for a diving adventure

Ras Mohammed National Park is a must-visit destination to leave Sharm El Sheikh without regrets. It is truly a diver’s paradise. Park’s location is the point where the mighty Red Sea is split into two gulfs; Gulf of Aqaba and Gulf of Suez, divers will find rich colorful coral reefs and exotic marine life underneath. Even if you are not a diving expert, you will find something to do here. From exploring the desert areas, mangrove forest which is the world’s second northerly, saltwater lake, pristine beaches to snorkeling and swimming you will love everything about the park.

If you are up for a scuba diving adventure, get to Yolanda and Shark Reef to witness the marvelous marine life underwater. At the Yolanda Reef site, also known as Jolanda Reef you will get to explore a garden of corals plus the Jolanda wreck, a freighter ship that sank in 1980 carrying bathroom porcelain. A diving expedition to Yolanda Reef can also be coupled with a trip to Shark Reef, where you will come across more multi-colored corals and a variety of fish species, including sharks, barracuda, crocodile fish, turtles, and pelagic fish.

If you are not a fan of diving, then you can spend time exploring the sandy beaches including the Old Quay Beach and Aqaba Beach. Make sure to go to Shark Observatory Cliff top before you leave Ras Mohammed National Park to treat yourself to mesmerizing views of the Red Sea.

Go snorkeling to explore the underwater world

Don’t worry if you are not an experienced diver. There are a lot of beautiful snorkeling spots in and around Sharm El Sheikh for you to explore the sea world.

Ras Um Sid Beach

Ras Um Sid Beach is perfect for snorkeling, especially if you are a first-timer. You will get a magnificent coral reef to explore closer to the shore. Also if you feel like trying diving, Ras Um Sid Reef is perfect to do so. You will come across a lot of reef fish here.

Gardens Reef

Located towards the northern end of Naama Bay, Gardens Reef is home to some beautiful corals. Here you will find three snorkeling locations; Near Garden, Middle Garden, and Far Garden. If you are a beginner at snorkeling check out Near Garden and if you are thinking of going for a dive, I suggest you explore Middle Garden and Far Garden. If you are lucky you will be able to spot some butterfly fish at Near Garden.

The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is yet another very popular snorkeling spot where you will witness a variety of fish. It can get dangerous if you go deeper into the sea beyond the diving limits, as deaths have been reported here. So be extra careful and make sure to stick to the limits.

Climb the holy Mount Sinai

This is something you shouldn’t miss when in Sharm El Sheikh. Located in the Sinai Desert, 209 km inland from Sharm El Sheikh, Mount Sinai is believed to be a holy mountain, where God handed over the 10 commandments to Moses according to the Old Testament. It is considered holy by the three major faiths: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and so it one of the more popular things to do in Sharm El Sheikh (or near it).

The hike to the very top of Mount Sinai will surely inspire you and give you a unique and unforgettable experience. Two trails, Steps of repentance and the Camel Trail will get you to the summit of Mount Sinai. The Camel Trail is a little easier, but Steps of Repentance is a scenic route. Do not miss to watch the sunrise from the top if you get a chance to reach the summit before sunrise. Trust me, the climb is totally worth it.

Pay a visit to Saint Catherine’s Monastery

If you are planning on hiking Mount Sinai, you should definitely pay a visit to Saint Catherine’s Monastery. Located at the bottom of Mount Sinai, Saint Catherine’s Monastery is one of the oldest working monasteries in the world.

It houses the ‘Burning Bush’ mentioned in the Old Testament and a museum with the finest collection of religious artifacts including some very old Bible texts. Group tours are arranged to visit the Monastery.

Dive to explore some of the top shipwrecks in the world

If you are an experienced diver, this is an exciting thing to do in Sharm El Sheikh. You will get to explore some of the famous shipwrecks in the world here. So, do not miss to include the Thistlegorm Wreck and the Dunraven Wreck in your diving adventures.

Thistlegorm Wreck Dive

Diving to the Thistlegorm Wreck should ideally top the diving destinations list of an advanced diver. Located in the Straits of Gubal, it is considered as one of the top wreck dives in the world.

You will be amazed to find a sunk 145 feet humongous ship carrying supplies for British troops during World War II lying 30 feet underneath with motorbikes, locomotives, and weaponry. Exploring the ship will take the divers on an adventure without a doubt.

Dunraven Wreck Dive

A two-hour boat ride will take you to the Dunraven Wreck site. At this site, you get to explore remnants of a torn 80-meter ship that had sunk in 1876. You will also witness a variety of fish including pipefish, cardinal fish, and goatfish in and around the area.

 Visit the Colored Canyon

If you are someone who loves and admires nature’s beauty, Colored Canyon is a must-visit for you.

Situated 177 km north from the city of Sharm El Sheikh, Colored Canyon is truly a natural wonder. You will find it interesting to walk along the pathway, appreciating the pinkish rock formations created by water and wind. Do not forget to snap some Instagram-worthy photographs along the way. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes appropriate for walking if you are planning to visit the Canyon and to take enough water to keep you hydrated.

Do some shopping at Sharm Old Market

After all the diving, snorkeling, and hiking tours this is an excellent way to relax. You will arrive at Sharm Old Market in less than ten minutes from Naama Bay. This was one our favorite things to do in Sharm El Sheikh, especially after the sun went down.

At the market, you will find herbs and spices, traditional shisha pipes, crafts, leather items, lamps, street food, and much more. After all the shopping, you can grab a snack or a meal at one of its cafes or restaurants, and do not forget to try delicious Egyptian cuisine!

Spend a night stargazing in the Sinai Desert

This is a cool thing to do in Sharm El Sheikh. If you are traveling with kids, this is something you should try. You can join a stargazing quad bike safari to enjoy the evening, where you will be treated well with a traditional Bedouin dinner buffet and entertainment. You will love the atmosphere and above all the spectacular night sky lit up by stars. You will not notice the time passing as you gaze up at the starry sky, and it is a great way to spend an evening after a fun day in the sun.

Have some fun at the Aqua Park Adventures Waterpark

This is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your family, especially if you are traveling with kids. This is said to be the largest waterpark in the Middle East, with over 30 slides, splash pads, a lazy river and multiple pools and playgrounds to keep you and your kids busy all day.

Aqua Blue Waterpark houses nine pools and 32 water slides in total, including the flying boat and a huge tsunami wave pool. You will also get some smaller water slides for younger kids and for those who aren’t adrenaline junkies. I guarantee that you will have an adventurous day at the Aqua Park Adventures.

Book Aqua Park Adventures in advance and get transportation pickup right from your Sharm El Sheikh hotel.

Sunbathe at the Naama Bay

This is the ideal way to relax and end your vacation in style.

You can get a feel of Sharm El Sheikh’s resort life at Naama Bay, but it is perfect for spending some quality time sunbathing at the beach. You will get a number of fancy restaurants, hotels, bars, and cozy cafes to enjoy mouthwatering cuisines, while you sunbathe. You will love the vibe and everything about Naama Bay for sure.

Sharm El Sheikh will not disappoint

Sharm El Sheikh is truly a gem in Egypt and a city to admire. From diving to snorkeling, hiking, stargazing, sunbathing and shopping, Sharm El Sheikh will not disappoint first time visitors. You will not run out of things to do in Sharm El Sheikh, as it offers something for everyone. Make sure to include these amazing attractions in your itinerary to make the most of your time in Sharm El Sheikh.

Find More Incredible Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

It is highly unlikely that you’ll get tired of the sun, sand and underwater beauty here, but just in case, here are some interesting resources for those planning to spend a little extra time in Sharm El Sheikh:

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Where to Stay in Sharm El Sheikh

So even with all these memorable and amazing things to do in Sharm El Sheikh, the main attraction is going to be the Red Sea. So even if you have never even tried to snorkel, let alone go diving, we still strongly recommend going with a reputable beachfront resort property where you can really enjoy all the sun and fun of this unbelievable location. Browse through our picks for the best All-Inclusive Resorts in Sharm El Sheikh and you cannot go wrong!


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